Cavityless Tunable Picosecond Pulse Source


The nominaloptical specifications of Cavityless series fiber lasers are given below:

– Pulse repetition rate: 40 GHz

–Pulse width≤2.5 ps

– Temporal jitter≤45 fs

–3dB time-bandwidth product ≤0.60

– Output power: 50 mW

– Amplitude noise < 0.1%

– Extinction ratio ≥20 dB

–Tuning range: 1530-1562 nm

– Degree of polarization≥20 dB

Additionaloptions and features of the Cavitiless series include:

– Designable and tunable repetition rate, internal or user supplied

–Sub-ps pulse width

– C+L tunability

– User-defined optical input

– Synchronization via clock output

–FC/APC receptacles at input and output

–Turn-key operation

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