SPA Single-Pulse Fiber Amplifier

SPA Overview 2

SPA series fiber amplifiers are designed to provide low-noise amplification of signals not operating in the continuous-wave regime, such as a single optical pulse.In contrast to conventional continuous-wave or average-power amplifiers that reply on saturation conditions, the SPA series uses specialized design to provide low-noise amplification. Correspondingly, the noise properties of the SPA fiber amplifiers are inherently stable regardless of input pulse energy, pulse duration, or pulse format.

Ultra-low noise floor

ASE floor

– Measured (absolute) power in 0.1-nm bandwidth (1064-nm model)

SPA series fiber amplifiers comes in a convenient turn-key package, with FC/APC receptacles for connecting to your optical system. The optical gain is stabilized internal to the package such that no external user controls are required. Layers of built-in filtration and isolation result in a stabilized gain block that can be inserted into almost any optical system to produce clean, amplified pulses.

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