SPA Single-Pulse Fiber Amplifier

SPA Overview 2

The optical specifications of SPA series fiber amplifiers are given below:

   – Operating wavelength range: 1 um or 1.5 um wavelength bands

   – Operating bandwidth: ±1 nm

   – Small signal gain: 10-40 dB

   – ASE noise floor ≤  1μW in a 0.1-nm bandwidth (20 dB gain)

   – Polarization extinction ratio ≥ 18dB (for PM versions)

Optical features, packaging, and user features of the SPA series make the unit robust and simple to use.  Such features include:

   – Input and output optical isolation

   – Optical noise floor independent of pulse energy, duration, or format

   – Stability against seed loss (no self-pulsations or optical damage)

   – Suppression of out-of-band amplifier spontaneous emission (ASE)

   – FC/APC receptacles at input and output

   – Packaging designed to minimize sensitivity to vibration and heating

   –19” rack-mount, wall-plug unit

   –Turn-key operation

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