TeraToneTM Low Noise Frequency Comb


The TeraToneTM low-noise frequency comb is the first multi-wavelength source providing more than 100 carriers over the continuous C+L band with inherent low phase noise on all of the carriers.  Driven by patented technology, the TeraTone low-noise frequency comb is a high-performance, energy efficieny source for telecomm and datacom systems, particularly for coherent modulation schemes.

High OSNR across entire C+L

Comb Spectrum

Carriers can be projected over any ITU channel grid, with kHz-­level linewidth and 1000‐fold better frequency stability than standard telecom-grade laser sources.  The integrated control hardware and computer application embedded in each TeraTone module guarantee turn-key and 24/7 unsupervised operation.

Outperforms typical coherent sources


– Measured 10 Gbaud/s

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